The most exquisite design pieces in the Metropolitan City of Milan.
MILANO GOOD DESIGN is a network of businesses that selects and promotes the most important furniture and design retailers located in the Metropolitan City of Milan. It is supported by Confcommercio e Federmobili Milano.
MILANO GOOD DESIGN represents a unique entity in term of history, size and offerings. In a 30 Km radius, there are more than 70 stores with over 100000 square meters of exhibition space and about 250 designers and salespeople. There are also over 30 flagship showrooms run directly by the companies or official partners.

MILANO GOOD DESIGN is the best guarantee of quality for those who loves design and want to decorate their homes with taste, style, and personality, whilst being followed step by step by experts in the field.



  • 1 The guarantee of choosing only the most renowned and important interior design showrooms in the whole Metropolitan City of Milan, homeland of design.

  • 2 The great professionalism and the experience of the showrooms of the network, attested by their long histories and traditions.

  • 3 The most renowned Italian and international design brands.

  • 4 A private project consultation, tailor-made to the client’s needs, style and personality.

  • 5 Great attention to the budget, in order to offer the best design pieces available for the set price.

  • 6 The guarantee of working with an Institutional Partner as is Confcommercio and the leadership of Federmobili Milano that promoted the initiative.

  • 7 The commitment to an ethical and transparent behaviour, characterized by absolute honesty when it comes to rights and obligations that regulate the retailer and the client relationship.

  • 8 Creating a series of events, meetings, partnerships, and other promotional activities to focus the customer’s attention on the stores members of the network.

  • 9 A website that connects each client to their ideal showroom through the listing of services offered by each of them and an interactive localization process.

  • 10 A blog that talks about Milan’s design and the stories of who helped to make it so famous all over the world, through the voices and eyes of its key figures.