It would be nice to have more time for us, save money, live safely, and increase the comfort of the space we live in, wouldn't it? Especially if it was as simple as to click a button… Although this sounds like a dream, it’s already a reality. The Solomio Home Automation System can guarantee all these things and more to you.


Solomio simplifies and increases people's quality of life by creating smart, magical, and exciting homes that represent exactly what we need and want.


Solomio has created a unique and customized App, through which you can easily control lighting, the heating system, the A/C, the antitheft alarm, appliances of any type, energy loads, and electronics. It can manage the most complex analysis activities in order to solve or foresee unexpected and undesirable situations such as floods or power cuts, it can make small changes in the house based on weather conditions, it can offer support to disabled people (even with a temporary disability), and it can also keep an eye on our furry friends and take care of plants for us.


Solomio represents the essence of customization.